New Product Development

Our New Product Development service can be tailored to your unique needs. Some customers come to us with the outline of an idea and, in these cases, we undertake the whole project – from concept through to manufacturing. Other customers have their own team of designers and are keen to retain ownership of the core element of the design but want our help on specific elements of the design such as Mechanical or Firmware development.

Whatever range of services you require, our process starts with understanding your requirements, defining the solution design, project planning, prototype evaluation, system integration and product quality validation.

Our full range of design and development offerings include system design, mechanical design, electronic design, embedded software application, internet applications and regulatory test support.

When working on new designs, the engineering team work closely with their manufacturing colleagues to ensure that the product is designed with the end manufacturing location in mind – with DFM, DFT and component selection being relevant to the manufacturing and supply chain options available at that site. This ensures a smooth transition to manufacture – reducing product cost and Time to Market.

What’s more, we have the key skills and experience in system integration of cloud based applications and we can integrate end-to-end subsystems with proven functional design, which are capabilities that are critical in today’s emerging product market.

Full Stack IOT Solutions Provider

Through our subsidiary SG Wireless we have expanded our design operation to become a Full Stack IoT solutions provider. This includes :

  • Design
  • Development and manufacturing of hardware
  • Embedded firmware development
  • Application and middleware programming
  • Cloud development and operation
  • Day-to-day management of devices, applications and networks
  • Developing and maintaining iOS and Android apps
  • Basic analytics
  • Integration with IT and other systems



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