根据2014年的数据 研究 by Tharawat Magazine, family-owned businesses represent over 70% of global GDP. 在美国.S., 80%到90%的私营企业是家族企业, 在香港, 我公司的总部在哪里, 这个比例是60%到66%. 然而, 研究 have also shown that most family businesses end after the first generation, less than half are passed down to the second and only 13% are passed down successfully to the third.

Considering that such a large portion of the economy comprises family businesses, 而且大多数都活不了多久, 深入研究传统业务是很重要的. This topic is particularly close to my heart since my father passed the helm of his now 46-year-old company to me in 2015. 已经领导公司六年了, there are a few things specific to family businesses that stood out to me, 尤其是因为他们可以决定生意的成败.


Many family businesses fall into the trap of thinking, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.“然而, in an era when technology and consumer trends can turn industries upside down within a matter of years, 所有企业——尤其是家族企业——都必须准备好转型.

The key lies in determining a set of value propositions that your target customers would need and developing strengths, 有可能提前, 在那些方面. 对我的生意, it’s about accepting the rapid rise of smart devices and equipping the company with the resources to cater to this new market segment. 保持家族企业的地位, 从长远来看, 是绝对不能安于现状的.


Another factor of longevity in family businesses is their relevance to current times and adaptability to the latest technological developments. 随着技术主导了职业和私人生活, 适当的技术投资对企业来说是至关重要的.

为我的公司, an electronics manufacturing company with years of industry experience, it isn’t only about being able to help manufacture the latest smart devices with the addition of relevant industrial equipment, it’s also about making use of technology to improve internal operations to ensure we are operating at our best.

例如, we established and digitalized our reporting structure to ensure there’s a consistent flow of information to and from our headquarters and global sites. This structure proved to be vital during Covid-19 when normal operational procedures became affected by abrupt changes, and many businesses — large and small — fell under the crushing wave of the pandemic.


As inspirational speaker Simon Sinek has said on multiple occasions, the “why” matters in business. 为我的公司, 我们的使命是提高世界人民的生活水平, to make a difference and to work with clients and products that are essential to human life. Our mission not only gives employees a sense of purpose behind their work but also long-term direction that’s multi-generational, 有意义的和可持续的.


家族企业中有很多长期服务的员工, it’s important to introduce new dynamics within the company to encourage growth. This can be done either by encouraging long-service staff to rotate to different roles so they can develop cross-functional expertise for executive leadership roles or by recruiting fresh talent who can bring in the most recent and learned industry best practices.

在我们的案例中, these two strategies will be most relevant to our mainland China site — our oldest facility with many long-service staff members. We will push for internal rotations and the recruitment of mid-career managers with sustained experience in several companies. 正如Patrick Lencioni在他的书中所描述的那样, “The Ideal Team Player” — we aim to work with and look for individuals who are hungry, 谦卑和智能. 拥有追求成长和开放的文化, the company is more likely to experience sustained growth 从长远来看.


就像任何类型的业务一样, 考虑股东结构是很重要的, which can affect business priorities and the basis of its sustainability. Family businesses with external shareholders or those that are sold to external parties may place greater emphasis on financial achievements. 财务目标对维持企业很重要, 但它们并不是发展和成功的唯一决定因素.

作为一家独资的家族企业, I’m lucky to not have to manage the interests of external stakeholders. 另外, as a people-centric company wherein the concept of family runs strong, 盈利也不是企业的唯一目标. This means the business can focus energies on motivating the team and gradually introducing new ideas and changes. Having this family-owned structure makes a difference to the overall health and morale of a company and, 反过来, 其长期性能.


接管家族企业是很困难的, and finding the right balance between the people and the business is complex. 然而,这也是一项有意义的工作. From developing and positioning the company toward the future to maximizing the potential of existing staff and bringing in fresh talent, working toward a multi-generational business that can positively impact employees, 客户和客户之外是我发现最值得追求的目标.



总统 & 季节集团首席执行官.


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