Electronic Design Engineer

Job Responsibilities

  • Oversee Electronic product drawings, BOM, etc engineering documents audit.
  • Responsible for technical support of the electronic product.
  • Follow up the new product development.
  • Responsible for technical review and support assessment for the manufactures.
  • Establish and maintain the PCB layout platform.


  • Minimum of 4 years working experiences in electronics industry.
  • Proficient in PROTEL or POWER PCB, Cadence Allegro, OFFICE software, etc.
  • Experience in circuit diagram analyst, proficient in electronic component testing.
  • Familiar with electronic product development production process and quality standard.
  • Proficient in Layer PCB board design, electrostatic, EMI, EMC, high frequency and DDR layout.
  • Have a certain digital electronics, analog electronic basis, understand the use of commonly used components and test method, familiar with components encapsulation.

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